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HIPERnatural.COM born in early 2000 with the aim of providing its customers and through internet the widest range of all types of natural products from the best brands and all the while maintaining the best price.

The use of medicinal plants to relieve illness and prevent disease, has been linked with him since ancient times. For centuries the use of plants and extractive products formed the basis of therapeutics.

At present the natural therapies are becoming an alternative therapy for many diseases, showing very effective results and with almost no contraindications and side effects.


HIPERnatural.COM can contact the following address:

Address: Toscana, 10
Postal Code: 28032
City: Madrid
County: Madrid
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 91 306 36 21
Mobile: +34 659 130 491


Buy HIPERnatural.COM is easy. Here we show a series of information that can help during the purchase process.


The products are organized by the listed sections (sections and subsections), by brand (houses or laboratories manufacturers) and alphabetically.

These product listings can be sorted by price, brand, name and even presentation. It is also possible to design the products as a list or mosaic.

In the leaves or pages of each product can find detailed information about that product, such as your name, mark or the manufacturers and the various presentations that offer, and Section (the sections and subsections in which the product has been included.

Besides detailing the composition of output, presentations, price and instructions, along with some tips related natural product and a photograph.
(U.E.P. = Professional Use Only)

The product prices are in euros (EUR) and U.S. dollars (USD) by default, although prices can be converted to any currency of any country in the world. Prices include all taxes.


To find a product or other information contained in HIPERnatural.COM can use our search engine (Google's technology). The search engine will allow you to find all the information, natural products, medicinal plants, diseases, articles, etc.. related to your search.


To purchase a product, simply select the number of units to be purchased. To do this, you must use the button (+) to add one more unit of product to the Shopping Cart. To remove a unit of a product of the shopping cart should click minus (-).
At any time, you can see the number of units of each of the shortlisted products for purchase, as contained in the Shopping Cart and add or remove units from within the Shopping Cart.
CompraCarro Shopping Cart


At any time during your browsing HIPERnatural.COM, view and see all the products you have selected to purchase, (which has added to the shopping cart). This requires you to access the shopping cart by clicking the shopping cart from anywhere HIPErnatural.COM shop where you are.

In the shopping cart has a complete list of all the products you have selected together with their description, price and quantity and total amount of your purchase until then.

From this same shopping cart can add or remove products short-listed units or access the product description sheet.

Moreover, from the shopping cart you can select the type of delivery that you want to receive your purchase and payment method. Depending on the type of shipping selected will automatically calculate costs Envíoy approximate delivery time.


From the shopping cart and based on the weight of products purchased, the destination country of purchase and the shipping method is selected automatically calculated envíoy expenditure is reported Approximate delivery time of purchase.

For deliveries to Spain has the ability to select normal or emergency dispatch, while for purchases anywhere in the world, you can choose delivery by SURFACE, AIR or EXPRESS.

The delivery time depends on the area envíoy the shipping method selected. For consignments in Spain, the delivery time is 5 to 7 days in normal shipments and from 24 to 48 hours for urgent orders. For shipments outside Spain, the delivery time varies depending on country of destination.

Such costs are added to the total price of products in Shopping Cart, resulting in the total amount of your purchase.

Please note that for purchases in Spain and shipping is FREE for orders above 50 euros if the rate of transmission is Normal. If the type of delivery is urgent, shipping charges are FREE for purchases over $ 100.


You have the choice between the following forms of payment:

Cash on Delivery: may pay upon receiving your purchase in your home.

Credit / Debit Cards: so you can pay with any credit or debit card (VISA or MASTERCARD) in an easy, convenient and secure your purchase. To do this, only need to enter the 16 digit card and the date, month and year, revocation.

BankTransfer: must make a transfer in the amount of your purchase to the following bank account

Account Number: 0128 / 0039 / 47 / 0100008094
IBAN code: ES50 / 0128 / 0039 / 47 / 0100008094

PAYPAL: you can now pay by PayPal in a secure, comfortable and free. Once we receive your order you will receive via email the instructions to make payment at PayPal.
Remember that if you use this payment method, we need to enter an Email address where you send the email to make payment of the purchase.

Western Union: can pay your purchase by sending the price of your purchase to HIPERnatural.COM.
Once your transfer should send it by e-mail ( Control Number Transfer.


Before the shipment of the Purchase Order and once you've selected all the products you want to purchase, the type of the FORMADE envíoy payment HIPERnatural.COM requires certain information to proceed to send its purchase. This requires you to fill in the Customer Data, located at the bottom of the window of the Shopping Cart. We need to complete the details required, such as your name, surname and address. Add also a form of contact, telephone number or mobile and email address so that you can know in a timely manner the status of your order .

To order your purchase click the Submit Order button located under the Customer Data.
This purchase is paid. In the event that there is any incorrect data will tell. Otherwise, ie everything is correct, you will see a confirmation page of placing your order.


Sending HIPERnatural.COM purchases made are done through various courier companies and postal and telegraph services in Spain (
All shipments are 'certified and delivered to their homes.


The query service allows HIPERnatural.COM easily send your questions on any topic related to your health and possible remedies using herbs and natural therapies in short, that it is now becoming a alternative therapy for many diseases, showing very effective results and with almost no contraindications and side effects.


The Bulletin on HIPERnatural.COM natural medicine, which is sent periodically by email to our customers and subscribers will let you keep track of the news on any topic related to your health and possible remedies using The herbs and natural therapies in short, which now are becoming an alternative therapy for many diseases, showing very effective results and with almost no contraindications and side effects.


The Web is far HIPERnatural.COM available in three languages, Spanish, French Inglésy.
You can find a web integrates these three languages, with the advantage of jumping to either language at any time, regardless of where the store where you are.
It will shortly be translated into other languages Web immediately and in full will be available in German, Italian.


Prices of goods in HIPERnatural.COM Web are given in euros.
However, you have the ability to display these prices converted into any other currency. To do this simply select in the drop of the top-right of the page, that other currency.
This conversion between the euro and the currency of choice is made by multiplying the euro price of each product by the exchange rate Euro / Currency. This rate is updated regularly and automatically according to the contributions of different currencies in the international currency markets.