Kidney cancer

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Kidney cancer
He is more frequent in men than in women and generally it affects more to people between the 50 and 70 years, although it can appear to any age and a greater incidence in people with renal insufficiency has been observed, who have been put under during long time dialysis.

Adenocarcinoma renal or hipernefroma is caused mainly by, tumor that represents in 2. 5% of all the malignant tumors.

She does not know herself well what to develop this cancer, but several factors of risk exist related to the life style, very is related to the consumption of fats and cancerigenic cholesterol and agents whom the tobacco contains, reason why the people who smoke are doubly prone to develop it.

Also a clear relation with the consumption of a drug called Fenacetina and with some works related to the petroleum refinement or the treatment of the asbestos or by the prolonged exhibition exists to cadmium and the asbestos.

Another factor of risk is to suffer a genetic disease called Syndrome Von Piel - Lindau, tuberosa sclerosis or obesity.

The most common types of kidney cancer are:

the carcinoma of renales cells, that is originated in the section of the kidneys that filter the blood. This type represents 85% and affects to people of any age, being commonest between the 40 and 60 years.

the renal cancer of pelvis, begins to be developed in the central part of the kidney and it propagates when uréter.

the Tumor of Wilms, that affects to the children before the 5 years and with time it is scattered towards other abdominal organs causing a great expansion that increases quickly, loss of weight, tires and other symptoms.

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