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FEELING TIRED - asthenia
Fatigue - Asthenia.


The fatigue is defined as the incapacity to maintain an initial force during a continuous effort.

This definition is incomplete, because in fact it would be necessary to differentiate two types from fatigue:

• the fatigue produced by a effort, that is a normal physiological situation.

• the fatigue that even appears after a slight effort or before any effort. More it is adapted to speak in this last case of asthenia.

1. Fatigue produced by a effort.

The fatigue is a normal situation, as long as it is consequence of an intense or prolonged effort.

During the physical exercise, the organism uses its reserves of progressive form, to be able thus, to transform them into energy. The fatigue sensation becomes evident when it is let satisfy to the power necessities. The fatigue is a physiological signal that it indicates that the possibilities of spontaneous regulation are outside their limits. In this case, the muscular fatigue can be denominated "normal fatigue". After a repairing rest, everything returns to normality.

2. Asthenia.

The asthenia is a fatigue lasting, that persists to the margin of any effort, insensible or little sensible to the rest.

In most of the cases, any organic etiología is not revealed. One often treats, of a fatigue caused by an excessive activity, the stress or the changes of station. One says that the fatigue is a psychosomatic effect. Generally, this asthenia is become serious in the morning, tending to disappear throughout the day.

In other cases the asthenia appears described within a psychiatric frame, in which the reaccional depression occupies the most excellent position. However, one is not due to forget that the asthenia also can be, the signal of alarm of an underlying pathology.

They are possible numerous etiologías: infectious, metabolic, endocrina, neurological. It only can be spoken of asthenia when the possibility of a fatigue originated by organic causes has discarded.

The asthenia is pronounced through numerous signs that are translated in a diminution of the physical activity (exhaustion, adinamia) and intellectual (loss of memory, concentration problems) These signs go associate generally, to manifestations of physical nature: anxiety, demotivation, abulia, diminution of the líbido one.

It is very difficult that all these symptoms appear of an isolated form, go accompanied, according to the cases, of problems of dream (insomnia or hipersomnio) of abdominal palpitaciones, migraines, pains etc.

In the case of the functional asthenia, the symptoms do not come from an exhaustion of the power reserves, but rather from a bad management of the same ones.

Mechanisms of the Asthenia.

The present theory of the neurofisiólogos aims at the intervention of the center of the watch in the asthenia phenomena. This one is located in the reticular zone of the cerebral trunk and receives the name of reticular system activator (S. R. A. This S. R. A. reinforces the reflected motor activity, the watch and the perception, besides to activate certain cortical cells. The nonactivation of this center, is responsible for the appearance of diverse manifestations of the fatigue at peripheral level. This would explain the polimorfa sintomatología of the asthenia.


The treatment of the functional asthenias rests on two great bases: dietetic rules and fitoterapia.

1. Dietetic Rules.

The asthenia can appear as an announcing sign of other present diseases: obesity, diabetes, hiperlipidemia, aterosclerosis, overload metabolic.

In order to fight against the asthenia he would be then, indispensable the adoption of some simple dietetic rules.

The western feeding takes to excesses and defects of certain indispensable elements. In spite of the abundance and diversity of consumed foods, the recent statistics reveal singulars deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and oligoelementos.

2. Fitoterapia.

In case of asthenia, the classic treatments propose the exciting product ingestion.

The fitoterapia allows to treat the asthenia about a global form and in depth. For this aim, it is counted mainly on three plants of well - known antiasthenic effects: Ginseng, Eleuterococo and Cola.

Plants adapted for this disease.

Ginseng of Korea.


Tail (nut of)


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