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Fracture of náriz.

Fracture or injury of the bones and cartilages of the nose.

It is the more frequent bony fracture.

It often happens when other face bones fracture.

It appears in greater children of about eight greater years of age and, since before the nose is only cartilage.


The smaller fractures without deformity usually take 4 weeks in curing.

The fractures of more importance can be repaired by means of surgery.

When it is necessary, the surgery must be carried out within the 2 weeks or after 6 months from of the injury.


Infection of the nose and the sines.

Rarely, shock by the loss of blood.

Permanent respiratory difficulty.

Permanent change of aspect.

Deviation of the nasal partition.


Protéjase whenever it can.

Take crash helmet in the contact sports or when it goes in motorcycle or bicycle.

Póngase the lap belt when it goes in car.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Medical file and physical examination by a doctor.

If the hemorrhage is important, analysis of blood and X - rayses of the nose.


General measures.

Apply immediately bags of ice to the nose after the injury to diminish the swelling.

Go quickly to a medical center of urgency, the possibilities of immediate treatment are reduced with the swelling.


For slight annoyances, it can use analgesicoa without prescription like paracetamol or metamizol.

His doctor can prescribe:

Analgesic more forts if it needs them.

Antibiotics if it appears an infection.


Rest until the hemorrhage stops.


There is no a special diet.

Factors of risk.

Previous injuries of the nose.

Sports of contact.

Signs and symptoms.

Pain in the nose.

Nasal hemorrhages.

Nose swollen and of different color.

Incapacity to breathe by the nose.

nose sometimes deformed.


Blows in the nose, usually with blunt objects.

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