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When hidrocefalia is developed during the pregnancy, it is possible to diagnose it when applying an ultrasound of high dimension that allows to see the increase as large as the ventículos.

This can be only obtained until week 18 or 20, since before the expansion of the lateral ventricles of the brain is normal.

In any case he is advisable in addition to the hi - res ultrasound to make a study of fetal magnetic resonance and an amniocentesis and determination of fetoproteína, in addition to virales studies, to discard other mental problems or chromosomic anomalies.

In the mother it will be necessary to determine fetoproteína and fraction b of the coriónica gonadotropina, cariotipo, titles seriados of toxoplasma and virus, since the evidence of fetal malformations that can be lethal or the cerebral destruction of the baby by infection, is a criterion valid to propose the interruption of the pregnancy since the prognosis is not nothing encouraging.

In the cases in that the serious mentioned alterations have not been confirmed and if ventriculomegalia is moderate and stable and if the parents therefore wish it, the necessity of urgent treatments is allowed the evolution of the pregnancy, taking into account as soon as the baby is born. If hidrocefalia is increased, the induction of the childbirth by Caesarean is due to value, more or less to the 7 months, when the maturation of the lungs the baby, allows him to live and then the ventricular derivation is due to apply.

Some doctors choose to make the derivation ventricle amniotic, but other many do not recommend it by the risks that entail.

Other options are the repeated trans - abdominal cefalocentesis, made with a fine needle to the baby in úter or the ecográfico control to decompress the ventricles and to avoid the destruction of the cerebral mantle and macrocefalia, with the intention of allowing that the baby can be viable for the induction of the childbirth.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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