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The feet are part of the locomotive system and very important for all the people since they allow us to transfer us from a place to another one, to run, to dance, to jump, to put to us of ends to reach objects mainly and, in them falls all the weight of our body, more what we are loading at every moment.

It is integrated by 26 bones, 33 joints, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments and in addition it has 2 arcs that serve as bony bridges to maintain the foot and to cushion the impact, one longitudinal to half of the foot and another small one in the front part. These arcs allow that the foot has strongpoints that make the march easier and placentera.

With the age, the arc is formed of such form that when the children begin to walk if a track is taken them from the foot, is due to observe a hollow between the zone of metatarso, is to say in the middle of the foot and the heel, only delimited by the line that corresponds to the external edge of the foot.

Nevertheless, in all the children the arc does not form and causes the problem known like flat foot or pes planus that must to that the longitudinal arc is flattened, which causes that all the plant of the foot rests and leans on the ground.

This characteristic, is normal in the babies and this must to that the arc is full of fat and has not taken its definitive form, but later approximately usually affects to 5% of the children and children, when already the arc was due to form, which is important to detect and to take care of not to limit its physical and sport activities.

There are two types of flat foot:

With flexible arc that generally noncause problems.

With rigid or structural arc, when the arc does not exist because the bones of the foot correctly are not aligned and that can cause much annoyance when walking.

Also it is very difficult to walk suitably when the flat foot must to the abnormal development of a bony bridge where a joint or normal space would have to form. This problem is gotten to declare between the 8 and 15 years of age.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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