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Prominencia declares by in form of cone, which it distorts the cleared form normal of the cornea that is the main lens of the eye, which causes the thinning of the cornea and the diminution of the vision.

The advance of the formation of queratocono is generally slow and although it can stop in anyone of the phases, if it progresses much, the cornea it makes convex and it thins becoming irregular and some times forming scars.

The thinning of the cornea is progressive and slow, until it stops after several years of his beginning. Nevertheless, there are occasions in which its deterioration is very fast, which causes sudden blurred vision in one of the eyes. This is known as acute Hydrops and must, the sudden entrance of liquid towards cheats on it become thin. This hydrops improvement with time, taking weeks or months to disappear and in advanced cases only forms superficial scars in the apex of cheats on it, which causes a greater diminution of the vision.

This problem can affect both eyes although the degree of evolution of queratocono is different.

The causes are not known this anomaly well, but numerous studies make think that it can be of genetic and congenital origin and that it is the consequence of an abnormality of the growth.

Another one of the theories, affirms that queratocono can be a degenerative problem or that he is secondary to other diseases and some also create that it can be of endocrino origin.

Another factor that is related to queratocono is the vigorous frotamiento of the eye.

Although queratocono is not one of the most common affections of the eye, is a rare disease either, since it calculates that it affects to one of each two thousand people and does not respect level cultural partner or geographic area of the world.

The affected group of population more is generally the young people in the stage of the puberty.

The people affected by queratocono must be alert to any change in the condition of their eye or its vision. If it experiences blurred vision, comezón, irritation, lagrimeo or secretion must go to the ophtalmologist, to review the tolerance to the contact lenses. The women must have well - taken care of when using cosmetics that can cause an allergic or inflammatory reaction and any person that suffers of queratocono must use glasses to swim and eyeglasses of security, mainly if are in a garden or practice some sport.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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