Minerals List
Sulfur Sulfur He is present in all the cells, specially in the skin, nails, hair and cartilages. It enters the composition of diverse hormones (insulin) and vitam ... More Information
Calcium Calcium The calcium is a very lifting mineral for the bony structure of the body. One is in the bones, shells and other materials. Function The calcium ... More Information
Chlorine Chlorine Function in the organism: It works with sodium. The balance of chlorine with sodium is essential... Symptoms of deficiency: Its deficiency cause ... More Information
Cobalt Cobalt ... More Information
Copper Copper ... More Information
Chromium Chromium It participates in the protein transport and improves the diabetes. Sources: Vegetal fat and oils, leavening of beer, onion, lettuce, potatoes and ... More Information
Fluorine Fluorine It prevents the dental decay and it fortifies the bones. It is not probable to suffer deficit of fluorine, since in the countries supposedly civiliz ... More Information
Phosphorus Phosphorus The phosphorus is a mineral, and is a component that helps in the formation of the bones and teeth. Function The phosphorus, along with the calci ... More Information
Iron Iron The iron is a responsible mineral to help the hemoglobina creation. Reason why a deficiency causes anemia, low fatigue and the defenses. Around two ... More Information
Lithium Lithium Fundamental for the regulation of the central nervous system. Sources: Vegetables, potatoes, crustaceans and some fish. ... More Information
Magnesium Magnesium The magnesium is a mineral that comprises of the structure of the bones. Its level in the blood is regulated by the kidneys. Function The magnes ... More Information
Manganese Manganese It activates the enzymes that take part in the synthesis of fats and participates in the advantage of vitamins C, B1, and H. Sources: Integral fis ... More Information
Molybdenum Molybdenum Aid to prevent the anemia and the decay. Sources: Germ of wheat, integral and vegetal vegetables, cereals of leaves green dark. ... More Information
Nickel Nickel It is necessary for the good operation of the páncreas. Sources: Integral vegetables, cereals, spinach and parsley. ... More Information
Potassium Potassium The potassium is an essential electrolyte the growth and to foment the good health. One is in the cells. Function The potassium power the activi ... More Information
Selenium Selenium The Selenium is an essential mineral that funge like antirust, altogether with the vitamin And Its function is to help to the metabolism against free ... More Information
Silicon Silicon Indispensable for the assimilation of calcium, the formation of new cells and in the nutrition of weaves. Sources: Potable water and vegetal foods ... More Information
Sodium Sodium Sodium is an essential mineral in the body, that allows a osmosis system to control the fluids. One attends of potassium and magnesium for his bette ... More Information
Iodine Iodine ... More Information
Zinc Zinc ... More Information
Zinc Zinc The Zinc is an essential element in the cells of the body. Function The zinc is vital for the growth, regulates the sexual development, the natur ... More Information