ligustrum vulgare

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ligustrum vulgare
Oleáceas family.

Description: Shrub, sometimes seedling, with branches and leaves pubescent slightly oval or elliptical, lanceolate, coriaceous, with a clear nerviación median petiolated briefly, with the entire margin, higher foil shiny, opaque bottom. Flowers gathered in apical spike, with petiole pendant, tubular calyx, tetradentado, tubular corolla, tetralobulada, white. The fruit is a berry ovoidal, blackish, which holds the seeds. Plant that grows spontaneously and that also is grown on limestone soils, aware of the plains and hills. Often exceeds two meters in height. Is collected in June.

Used parts: The leaves.

Chemical compounds: Ligustrina, resin, tannin, mannitol.

Property: healing, detergent.

How to use: Infusion, poultice.

Note: Avoid the use of the plant, which can lead to phenomena of intolerance. While the crust was once used as stomach, it is safer to confine itself to external use, whose preparations have effective action without any kind of danger. The seeds are oily.

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