ajuga reptans

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ajuga reptans
Labiadas family.

Description: Perennial plant, estolonífera, tomentosa, about 30 cm. tall. The rhizome is short, with many runners that start from the neck. The basal leaves, rosette, with oval, to develop a level of the petiole. The margin is slightly jagged. Caulinares the leaves are smaller and almost apecioladas; at the apex are reduced by occasionally colored bracts. The flowers are grouped in clusters of blue violet, booting from the armpit of the bract. The chalice is pentadentado. The corolla tube has two lips: the bottom is well developed in relation to the top. The fruit is formed by four achenes rough. This species is found relatively easily in mountain and grassland with grass and wet.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Tannins, saponin, organic salts.

Properties: Astringent, vulnerary.

Instructions for use compresses, Wash, liparolitos.

Note: The plant is used primarily in external uses. The young propagules are consumed in salads. Is also as fodder for cattle. It's a homeopathic remedy widely used in various energizing against various irritations.

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