trolllus europaeus

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trolllus europaeus
Family: Ranunculáceas.

Description herbaceous plant equipped with root issues and stem erect, furrowed, up to half a meter tall, hairless. The leaves are palmatopartidas, incised with lacinia and toothed, dark green on the page top. The flowers are large, yellow gold, forming a floral button collusion with sepals, five petals reduced to a tab and numerous stamens. Follicles carry seeds ovadas. Plant typical of the alpine pastures, in damp, along water courses. Is harvested in August.

Used parts: The root.

Active Principles: Anemonina, protoanemonina, essentially, tannin.

Directions: laxative, rubefaciente.

Use: Decoction, poultice.

Interest: The plant, like all Ranunculáceas, is poisonous, but when dried loses much of its top - toxic. Should be used fully if it is to get fresh action on rubefaciente periarthritis and rheumatism, by applying cataplasms. It was also preparing a distilled water with softer action in order to use it for a nerve NTI.

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