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Other Names:

Herb of Warts.

Uses the whole plant and the latex. For its contents especially in alkaloids properties antispasmodic, colerética, central nervous system sedative, hypnotic, analgesic and antitusivo action central. Antiasmática, anti - viral and anti - mitotic. It is used in internal use in diquinesias of biliary tract, bronchitis, asthma, coughs irritant, and so on. Its juice is caustic and is used in external use for warts and corns. In infusion, half tablespoons of the herb per cup, two cups a day and only if the doctor specifically advises. We must not increase the dose as it is poisonous in large quantities.

Precautions: a large dose, the intake of fresh plant and the latex, causing drowsiness and paralysis of the sensory nerve endings. Take it mixed with other plants because of its toxicity and not to administer high doses for long.

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