centaurea centaurum

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centaurea centaurum
Family: Composed.

Description herbaceous plant bearing spindle root, thick and white. The stem is erect, branched, with leaves alternate pinnatifida, mono or biaserradas, petiolated, green. The flowers are tubulosas and gather in large globoid heads of purple. The fruit is a flattened achene, with Vilan brown. It is not very abundant in meadows and hills. Prefers deep soils; is harvested in October.

Used parts: The Roots.

Centaurina chemical compounds, fitosterina, inulin, resin, tannin, a bitter substance.

Properties: Tonic, colagoga, béquica.

How to use: Infusion, syrup, enolito, tincture.

Note: The largest CENTÁUREA used in the preparation of homemade liqueurs bitter and external use, in decoction, as astringent in the skin or wounds, which is developing a remedial action. The distillation of the leaves distilled water provides useful in ocular inflammation if used in the form of bath eyes. In some regions, the tender shoots are consumed in salads in order to obtain a tonic and digestive. The concentrated decoction is used as a mouthwash in oral thrush.

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