runella (prunella) vugaris

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runella (prunella) vugaris
Family: Labiadas.

Description of the rhizomes creeping herbaceous plant, equipped with numerous radículas. The stems are pubescent, fragile support that leaves opposite, provided the lower petioles, the upper sessile, whole or slightly toothed, lanceolate. The flowers are meeting in spike with two basal leaves; numerous bracts cover the chalice as shingles. Corolla is bilabiada, color purple or violet. Achenes contain the seeds of various - brown color. Can reach 25 cm. It is as spontaneous and often find it also is grown on calcareous soil. Is harvested in early summer.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Substance bitter, tannin, resin compounds.

Properties: Astringent, stomach.

How to use: Infusion, dyeing, fluid extract, poultice.

Note: This plant is used frequently to compose fringes in the gardens, and is widely used in folk medicine as a mouthwash and as vulnerable on recent wounds and not very deep. Find also apply domestically, making macerated in brandy called grappa, which gives it a nice taste bitter. It was also used as Enema in the affections of hemorrhoids, with dubious results, and also in healing the cracks of the breasts.

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