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Castilian: oak, Sardón,

English: evergreen oak, holm oak.

The gastroprotective effect of tannic acid and aqueous extract extracted from the bark of the roots of Quercus ilex L. nuts and fruit of Punica granatum L. and leaf herb Artemisia alba Asso been investigated in the rat against the damage induced by ethanol. The tannic acid, Q. ilex and P. granatum extracts gave 100% precipitation of Hemoglobin sheep in vitro, whereas A. Dawn of herba extract was devoid of ownership of this protein. The oral administration of extracts or tannic acid plant led them in a significant decrease in injuries (47. 7% - 76% gastric) The protection observed was pronounced when the solution of the test was given at the same time with ethanol, besides Q. ilex extract. The contents of the stomach acid was increased by P. granatum (368%) and A. Dawn of herba (251%) extracts prepared in ethanol. It is suggested that polyphenols of monomeric and polymeric can strengthen the gastric mucosal barrier.

Excellent astringent.

External use: Against the sweat of their feet, cracks of the nipples, the anus fistula, hemorrhoids and varicose ulcers of the legs.

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