pingulcula vulgarls

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pingulcula vulgarls
Family: Lentibulariáceas.

Description: Grass provided with a fibrous root short. The leaves, basal and arranged in rosettes, are ovadooblongas, sessile, fleshy, with the blade hit, viscous able to digest small insects. The flowers of holding a long stalk fragile, with spur and are bilabiadas, blue violet. The fruit is a capsule that contains many seeds ellipsoidal elliptical rough. It is quite common in almost all places water logged, bogs, marshes, wet rocks. The stem reaches an average height of 10 cm. Is collected in June.

Used parts: The leaves.

Chemical compounds: mucilage, tannin, acid, benzoic acid, valerian, rubber, enzyme.

Tosífuga properties, antispasmodic, broncosedante.

Instructions for use Juice, extract fluid infusion.

Of interest: The plant has an action on the airway similar to that of the Drosera, and can be used in its place. His is a proteolytic enzyme. The leaves applied externally as a poultice have vulnerary action. From the leaves get a coloring substance and a vegetable rennet to milk.

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