crithmum maritimum

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crithmum maritimum
Family: Umbelíferas.

Plant Description: herbaceous fitted with trailing rhizomes and stems flexuosa, soon branched, striped, green glaucous. The leaves are fleshy, alternate, envainantes, bi or tripinnatosectas with segementos treble. The leaves are pinnate apical. The inflorescence is available in umbel with many spokes, which in turn hold small umbels. Involvement is composed of bracts and bracteolas. The flowers are pentapétalas, greenish color. The fruit is formed by an ellipsoidal diaquenio, green, with longitudinal ribs, resin. It reaches a height of more than half a meter. It is common in rocks and rocks from the coast, on the walls in places frequented.

Used parts: limbs.

Chemical compounds: Essence, pectin, vitamins, sulfates, acetic acid.

Properties: Carmine, purifying, digestive, antiscorbutic.

How to use: Infusion, juice, tincture, essentially enolito, syrup.

Note: The leaves of samphire are preserved in vinegar. The essence is very fragrant and is used in perfumery, in addition to its culinary and pharmaceutical uses; contains pinene, eugenol, carvacrol, dilapiol. A few drops of essence added to food are conducive to its digestion.

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