lactuca sativa

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lactuca sativa
Family Compound.

Description annual herbaceous plant, often twice a year, provided the root axonomorfa and abundant radículas. The leaves take different forms depending on the variety, although usually round or circular, with the entire room, light green. The leaves are overlapping layers in increasingly tight, from the base to the tip, to take an external form spheroid. They are often slightly lobadas. The leaves intact, near the stem, are sessile and amplexicaules. The inflorescence is made up of a spike with many heads. The flowers of the cones are small and yellow with ligules. The fruits are achenes with an oval face and a Vilan formed in turn by many hairs. Only grows in state cultivated. The specimens come from subespontáneos copies of cultivation. Is harvested in summer.

The leaves and parts used the juice.

Sales chemical compounds minerals, vitamins, sugars, vegetable proteins.

Soothing properties, emollient, vitamin.

Instructions for use juice, pulp and extract fluid.

Note The leaves are very palatable to cockroaches. The seed contains an edible oil. In some regions, tanned and dried leaves are smoked instead of snuff. From the resulting paste of crushed leaves, you get an extract less effective than lactuario, which comes from wild lettuce.

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