scolopendrium officinale

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scolopendrium officinale
Family: Polipodiáceas.

Description: Fern fitted with a small rhizome with several rojizo radículas. The fronds are upright, with a short petiole, in bright green, undulating, ACORAZONADO at the base and lanceolate at the apex. The foil is covered by an abundant nerviación, paralelinervia, and is divided by a median pronounced rib. On the lower side sporangia are arranged in parallel lines, rust - colored, that upon reaching maturity produce spores. You can reach half a meter in height. Usually grows in the mouths of shafts and caves in the wet undergrowth next to the sources. Is collected from June to September.

Used parts: The leaves.

Chemical compounds mucilage, tannin, gallic acid, bitter aroma.

Directions: Expectorant, colagoga, vulnerary.

Usage: Infusion, dyeing, poultice.

Of interest: For its beauty, this fern is grown and sold as an ornamental plant from inside. In its cosmetic use as a degreaser decoction of hair or towels to form on sensitive skins. It was one of five herbs capillaries.

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