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plantago media
Family: Plantagináceas.

Description herbaceous plant with roots in the form of spindle and numerous radículas. The leaves are basal rosette and is available, ovalelípticas, whole, with nerviaciones apparent. The escape is small and slightly pubescent, fragile, carrying flowers in spike, with the chalice and tetrasépalo Corolla tetrapétala, with sharp features. Anther white lilac. The fruit is a capsule with two locules and a pixidio, which contains seeds ellipsoidal angular. It is very common infective as the meadows, hills and mountains. The escape can reach 10 cm. tall. Is harvested in spring.

Used parts: The leaves.

Chemical compounds: Aucubina, tannin, pectin, acid, salt, rubber, saponin.

Properties: debugger, astringent, vulnerary, ophthalmic.

How to use: Decoction, syrup, distilled water, soft extract.

Notes of Interest: This species is the best known of all used as a remedy of urgency about the wounds, by placing a sheet tight. For its wealth of tannin in the mouth serves as a toothache and in the form of distilled water as eye drops. It was also preparing an ointment excipient appropriate in the encoriaciones. The seeds are laxatives like those of the zaragatona. The young leaves are consumed in salads, before they become coriaceous.

Chemical composition, pharmacological actions, indications and dosage of the plantain similar to the mayor (see)

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