malus communis

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malus communis
Family: Rosaceae.

Description Tree small size, torso erect, robust, it forks into thick branches that hold a large drink. The bark is smooth at the beginning and then something rugosa. The leaves are oval alternate, green, fitted with a short petiole. Inflorescence gathers flowers in number from four to six in curds with a rosette of leaves. Calyx persistent and five sepals. Corolla is pentapétala, pink - white. The fruit is actually a fake fruit that comes from the socket. It contains one or two seeds dark, coriaceous, with the clear pulp. As a species resistant to cold, grows everywhere even in the mountains average. Is collected to reach maturity.

Used parts: The fruit.

Chemical compounds: malic acid, citric acid, pectin, galactans, tannins, enzymes, quercitin.

Directions: Antacid, antiuricémico, antidiarrheal, nourishing, soothing.

How to use: Pulp, juice, infusion.

Details: The leaves can be used as a pleasant tea instead of tea. The pulp or juice promotes sleep. A similar action can be obtained with the dust of her shell along with the balm. The maceration and fermentation of the apple is extracted a slightly alcoholic drink called cider. The paste of apples or small - flogosis cure wounds of the skin.

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