nepeta cataria

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nepeta cataria
Labiadas family.

Description: Perennial herbaceous plant, up to one meter in height, aromatic smell, with upright stems covered with hair. Leaves opposite fitted with long petiole, with the top layer of pale green and the lower tomentosa and hue clearer, acorazonada, toothed at the margin. Flowers arranged in the armpit of the leaves, ear, with two thin bracts. The chalice is pentadentado, and the corolla, tubular bilabiada: the upper lip is in turn bilobulado and lower trilobulado. The fruit is formed by four ellipsoidal achenes dark. Growing preference in the mountainous areas along the trail, next to the flow of water. Is harvested until late spring.

Used parts: limbs flowery.

Chemical compounds: carvacrol, Pulegone, thymus, menthol, nepetol, tannin, acetate.

Properties: antispasmodic, sedative, emenagogo, báquica, stomach.

How to use: Infusion, syrup, fluid extract, enolito.

Details of the plant has action similar to valerian and is associated with it in various compositions painkiller. It is used as flavoring of fresh salads. From this kind of an essence extracted versoso color, with action emenagoga. The soothing action enolito introduced in the pertosis: The plant attracts cats, probably because its smell reminds the 'de - some female hormones. The leaves are chewed as odontálgico, and if you smoke stop the hiccups.

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