stellaria media

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stellaria media
Family: Cariofiláceas.

Description: herbaceous plant, fragile, with the stem creeping upward, branched, slightly tomentose. The leaves are oval or elípticoacorazonadas, with the entire room, equipped with short petioles and even sessile at the top. The flowers are grouped at the apex. Pentasépalas and are pentapétalas, white bilobuladas, present throughout the year. The fruit is an oval capsule containing seeds flat brownish color. Very common in all sites, and in some cases, infective. It grows well in urban centers. Reaches 10 - 15 cm. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Active Principles: saponin, salts, tannin.

Directions: diuretic, vulnerary, astringent.

Use: Infusion, juice, distilled water, dye.

Interesting: In some areas this species is consumed in salads, taking advantage of the apical part, although its use is discouraged by the presence of saponin. It is highly sought by geese, when consumed avidly. Cataplasms finds application in all cases of superficial venous fragility. The juice was used in the preparation of eye drops, although it can be replaced with other species much more active.

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