sambucus racemosa

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sambucus racemosa
Family: Caprifoliáceas.

Description: Shrub, often bearing trees as graft, with brownish gray bark and yellow marrow. The leaves are opposite, tripinnatosectas, with leaflets slightly petiolated, oval, acuminata, with a serrated margin. The flowers, greenish color, are grouped in spikes ovadas pyramid. Calyx and Corolla pentalobulada tubular pentadentado. The red berry fruit is a acidulous that contains many seeds. It grows in mountain areas average, wet and rocky. It can reach up to 3 - 4 meters high. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The fruits, leaves.

Chemical compounds: malic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid, sugar, tannin, color, vitamin C (fruit) Sambunigrina, essentially, valerian and malic acid (leaves)

Properties: Laxative, depurative (fruit) Sudorífero, diuretic, resolvent (leaves)

Its use: Infusion, juice powders.

Interesting: It's the sort of elder with the more edible and tasty fruit, which are produced excellent jams. With the wood work performed at home, and the crust, as in other species of willows, is purgative. The leaves are applying externally as resolvent on access and boils. The seeds contain fatty oils that might find some value.

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