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The eyes all along perceive forms, movements, effects, lights and are exposed to diverse stimuli and environmental polluting agents that little by little hurt still without giving them us account.

The ocular fatigue is one of the problems more frequent than they appear in the eyes of those who work in the computer, elaborate crafts or they are dedicated to the seam.

The main symptoms are: to feel the dry, irritated, adoloridos or tired eyes, blurred vision, headache or pain in the neck.

Although sometimes it is not easy to adapt the work site, are possible to be taken into account some measures to protect the Vista:

Asegúrate that the light is directed towards which you are reading or seeing. A center of between 60 and 100 watts is recommendable for the lamps.

When you read, it places the light source behind your body so that the light goes to the page. If it is ***reflxed mng in a writing - desk, a lamp with eayuda screen to direct the light of better form.

the computer must be placed so that the main light source is to a side. If the light is reflected in the screen it is necessary to extinguish some, to incline the monitor downwards, to use antirreflejante screen or to close the blinds.

When seeing television, is not necessary to darken the room totally.

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