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Pregnancy, Food and Problems.

Food is essential for the proper conduct of pregnancy and infant development.

Foods that should take are:

Proteins: white meat, chicken, turkey, white fish, eggs, cheese, milk and lentils.

Carbohydrates: slow absorption, such as pasta or rice. Do not abuse the sweet, or derivatives of the meal.

Fat: Avoid sauces for the negative effects on digestion, as well as butter, margarine, frying oils and cooked. The crude oil (olive) however, is a great food at this stage.

Vitamins, minerals and fiber, which provide fruit and fresh vegetables.

Calcium: sought by dairy products.

Iron from vegetables and lentils.

Liquids: two liters per day minimum and fruit juices.

AVOID aerated drinks.

AVOID coffee, tea or cocoa derivatives such as chocolate.


Diet in pregnancy.


It can occur during pregnancy, when digestions are not good or because of emotional stress, worries, and so on.

As useful methods to combat it is recommended:

Take a not - too - hot bath before bedtime.

Sleeping with the ventilated room temperature and not too high.

Listen to relaxing music and if it is fond of this, read a while before you get to sleep.

The mattress and pillow to be comfortable.

Choose the best position (generally sideways)

If your spouse snore, who sleep in another room.


If you. before pregnancy was not released, it is normal to see this condition.

You should take plenty of fiber in the diet, you can get fruit and vegetables, bread and cereals.

Avoid rice, spicy foods or too fat and not take chocolate, coffee or tea, no butter or margarine.

Do not take laxatives unless prescribed by your doctor.

Glycerin suppositories can be used to facilitate the start of the event.


Are common, especially in the beginning of it and to some extent be considered normal.

To be avoided, relax and eat slowly, avoid smoking, alcohol or gas.

Several preferred not very abundant meals a day that only two copies.

Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate.

Do not take citrus fruits like lemon or orange.

Remove onion, seasoned or very spicy foods, as well as fried.

You should walk after each meal and not lie down until two hours after dinner.

DO NOT TAKE antacids if the doctor says so.

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