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The human body, is like a wonderful machine in which all their organs and systems work coordinadamente, of such form that all the activities and functions are made with balance, rate and coordination.

One of the systems most important to maintain the balance and to make all the necessary functions for the coexistence, the work, the rest, the recreation, mobility and others more, is the locomotive system. Reason why a good position is essential to help the body to work of a more efficient way.

Our spine or spine, is the axis of support of our body, reason why its taken care of form and is very important to maintain our image corporal and to conserve its functionality more than can independently of the age.

Its form is not totally straight, has a curve not very pronounced in form of S that allows to greater force and flexibility him and is integrated by 33 vertebrae organized in three great groups: the cervical ones, the ridges, the lumbar ones, sacred and coxis.

The 7 cervical ones, 12 ridges and 5 lumbar ones are in favor separated to each other of 23 corresponding intervertebrales discs. The 5 sacred ones are fused, like the 4 coxígeas, forming the bones sacred and coxis.

This disposition allows that the column is very resistant and has supported well all the load in vertical direction, that we have every day, since their curvatures give flexibility him. If the load is much, the curvatures can increase their flexibility transitorily, cushioning the pressure that undergo the vertebrae.

Nevertheless, when a person does not hold the position normal of the column, problems appear that affect the position in general, for that reason it is called defects to them you will postulate, that are exageraciones of the natural curves of the thorn which they mainly alter to the normal alignment of the body causing pains and problems in the march and movement in general.

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