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The colorectal cancer occupies one of the first places like cause of death between the Mexican population. She can affect any person, mainly greater of 50 years and in general, the women have a greater index of incidence than the men.

The colon is part of the heavy intestine that is part of the digestive apparatus as well, ordered to process foods so that their nutrimentos can be taken advantage of by the organism. The colon, forms the main section of the heavy intestine, organ in charge to form the fecal matter with the rest of foods nonused by the body.

The cancer of the colon originates when cells form you vitiate or cancerous in its weaves also including the rectum and anal esfinter. It is a suffering of long evolution and when it is detected early it has many possibilities of treatment.

Between the main factors of risk they are:

the genetics, since a gene exists that causes it in one of each 7 cases.

having familiar antecedents of colon cancer and rectum.

the accumulation of fecal matter in colon and rectum, that facilitate the proliferation of cancerous antigens that stimulate the formation of polyps that is of tumoraciones that can be malignizar and be transformed into neoplasias you vitiate.

the age, since it affects more to greater people of 50 years.

high Diet in content of deficient meat and fats animals and the fiber.

Antecedent of polyps in the colon.

inflammatory Diseases of the intestine.

Antecedent of ulcerosa colitis or disease of Crohn.

Obesity or on weight.

Tabaquismo and alcoholism.

Sedentarismo, is to say not to make exercises every day.

suffering another type of cancer as the one of breast, endometrium, uterus and / or ovaries in the women and the one of prostate in the men.

Between the main symptoms and signs, that also can be of other diseases, they are:

the change in the deposition habits, constipation, diarreas, etc.

Formation of polyps or tumoraciones towards the mucous membrane.

the presence of blood in the fecal, or fresh of very alive red color or dry matter of very dark color.

Diarrea, constipation, or sensation of which the empty intestine not completely.

thinner Lees of the normal thing.

Incomodidad and abdominal pain frequent caused by the gas presence.

Swelling, sensation of stomach and intestinal satiety.


Loss of weight without apparent reason.

Loss of the appetite.

Fatigue and permanent fatigue.

Nauseas and vomits.

IMPORTANT. The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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