Disease information

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They affect the teeth and teeth, others encías, the mucous, the language or the lips. Main and the most frequent ones are infectious, is to say produced by bacteria, virus or fungi, although also there are chronicles like the mouth cancer.

The suitable operation of the mouth is fundamental, since any problem affects of integral form, also preventing a suitable digestion and with it the nutrition of each cell of the body.

Between the most common diseases they are: the decays, the gingivitis and aftas.

Between the general measures to prevent diseases in the mouth they are.

the correct cepillado one after rising and of each food. The teeth and teeth must be cleaned with brush. The sweeping must become of above downwards, or of down upwards protecting and giving massage encía, never it must be cepillar of lateral form. The teeth must be cepillar with a circular movement and repeat these movements several times in each cepillado.

After ingesting foods between meals, it is necessary to rinse the mouth at least several times.

the cepillado one before sleeping, after the supper, is very important, since during the night the acids form with greater facility.

the visit to the dentist at least once to the year, is fundamental, this will allow to detect any problem on time and to take care of it to avoid complications and unnecessary expenses.

To avoid to use the teeth like tools to cut, to open refreshments and to make other things that can damage them.

To avoid to bite caramels or ice.

To avoid the blows in the mouth, acting with taken care of and without aggressiveness.

To feed itself well, eating fruits and vegetables that help to prevent infections.

To use dental thread as of the 8 years of age, taking care of much to use it correctly not to injure encías. For it the thread is due to both entangle the end of the thread in forefingers, and to place of vertical form between the teeth, rubbing smoothly to retire any rest of food among them.

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