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The teeth are covered by a special enamel that protects them of any external aggression. When this layer is disappearing progressively by its decalcification, lets protect them and allows to the present germs in the mouth they attack them.

Before the decays if it does not have opportune attention can be caused the total destruction and the loss of the dental piece.

It is considered that the decay is the more frequent infectious disease in the children and their effects can cause problems in their growth and development. They appear in form of white spots, as deposits of plate or fouling color coffee or black points and can get to cause to small fractures or cavities.

The decays are caused by a called bacterium Streptococcus mutans, that is transmitted by means of the saliva, mainly of the mother. The bacteria concentrate themselves in form of plate in the smooth surfaces of the teeth and they activate when there are fermentables carbohydrates as the sugar and when doing produces it acid.

The acid formed by the bacteria attacks the surface of the tooth, destroying its enamel and deteriorating it of such form that is causing its destruction when penetrating to its interior. It is pronounced with very intense pain, when the decay after crossing the pulp, arrives until the nerve. This process begins shortly after eating and follows during at least 20 minutes and can stop when eliminating the rest of foods, when cepillar themselves and using dental thread.

The loss of the teeth and teeth causes diverse annoyances like: difficulty to chew and digestive problems; problems to articulate the words well, by the hollows that leave; to cause the movement and deviation of the other teeth, wears away of encías and problems of self - esteem, among other problems.

A decay can be detected or be seen.

When going to the dentist at least once to the year, for a general overhaul, with x - rays and cleaning of the teeth. Often it is not easy to detect the decays by one same one, reason why it is required of a meticulous revision.

When a pain in teeth or teeth feels, although the decay is not seen.

If black points or hoyitos in the teeth and teeth are seen.

If the cheeks are inflamed, without apparent reason.

When there is difficulty when eating and to chew foods.

When pain or annoyance when taking feels cold liquids or I warm up.

when there is bad breath and a disagreeable flavor feels.

It is important to know that sometimes a pain tooth can disappear solito, this must at that the nervous fibers that are in the pulp get to die, but the infection follows there and if the problem is not taken care of, it can produce an abscess that is the accumulation of pus around the root. This is very painful can cause other collateral problems in encía and cause infections that can injure to the jaw and maxilar and even cause to serious problems and terrible pains.

On the other hand, not to take care of a decay opportunely it can originate the necessity of more expensive treatments, the presence of decay in other dental pieces or the loss of the tooth or grinds, which in addition will take to the necessity of the use of detachable pieces and prótesis.

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