ATTENTION DEFICIT and Hyperactivity

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ATTENTION DEFICIT and Hyperactivity
Thousand of children and young people they suffer of the upheaval by Deficit of Attention and Hiperactividad and 60% of them get to maintain the symptoms in the adult age.

They run, they jump, they roar the fingers, they touch everything what they see, cannot be seated, they do not put attention, they are aggressive and if the problem is not controlled on time, many of them can get to be delinquent.

The hyperactivity and the upheaval by attention deficit, are health problems that worry to many parents and teachers, since they affect his social relations and their integral development and although they are different problems, both present / display the same manifestations and they appear generally together.

The exaggerated restlessness causes emotional preoccupation and problems, as much in the small ones that they are described erroneously like "unbearable or traviesos", like in the parents and teachers who do not know how to face and to treat this problem.

The important thing, is the knowledge here if the children really have a health problem or they are only anxious because this is part normal development and this does not have to be ignored because a mistaken diagnosis can have very serious consequences in the short term.

The Upheaval by Deficit of Attention and Hiperactividad (TDAH) is a syndrome characterized by lack of attention, impulsividad and hyperactivity, is to say that that suffers it, they cannot be quiet, concentrated and they become bored and they leave immediately the activity that is making.

Generally this problem begins to pronounce itself around the 5 years of age and it becomes more well - known during the scholastic stage, when the teachers complain about their conduct and many get to suggest the parents to consult with a doctor, who if well it is not enabled to handle the problem, can aggravate it.

This problem constitutes one of the more frequent reasons for consultation in neuropediatría and approximately affects a little more 6% of the children in scholastic age, predominating in masculine sex.

Although the causes of this one upheaval are not known, in made studies have identified some hereditary, genetic and environmental factors, determining itself that in the children of parents with TDAH the risk of presenting / displaying the problem is between 2 to 8 times greater, than in the rest of the children.

A severe problem that a great percentage of hyperactive children, sometimes gets to incur criminal acts and / or develops addictions to some toxic substance.


This information does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge of the use that occurs him.

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