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I am pregnant! Sera what '? It will come well?

These are without a doubt some of the many questions that parents and mothers become during the wonderful delay of their baby and without concerning so much the characteristics or appearance that it has, greater desire is than when being born he is healthy and complete.

Nevertheless not all babies are born completely healthy or with all his organs and functions normal, which does not mean that they cannot develop in the life different abilities much less and, than do not have right to being welcome and being dealt with the whole the respect to its human rights.

Firstly it is necessary to differentiate between congenital problems and genetic diseases. The congenital problems can be from diseases acquired by the baby during within the mother, as it can be sífilis or the AIDS or some infections contracted during the childbirth, until some malformations caused by accidents of the mother, bad feeding of the same one during the pregnancy or by effects caused by the consumption of some medicines or drugs.

The genetic diseases, however are those that the baby develops from his origin to present / display some problem in some of his genes, which can in many cases of being an inherited problem.

The risks of having a baby with a congenital or genetic defect can increase when the parents have another son with a similar problem, when antecedent direct relatives of genetic upheavals exist, when one of the parents has a chromosomic anomaly or when one or both parents are addict to dangerous medicines for the pregnancy or toxic substances.


The content of this note is merely informative, does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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