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Anemia in pregnancy.

Low hemoglobin level during pregnancy.

The hemoglobin carries oxygen to tissues throughout the body within red blood cells or red blood cells, so it is essential for proper breathing (oxygen) of tissues.


Low intake of iron in the diet.

Deficiency of folic acid.

Loss of blood or gastrointestinal bleeding for hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy aggravated or triggered most of these general causes of anemia:

Alters the digestive processes.

Increases the amount of circulating blood in the body (about five liters in normal adult to seven pregnant women, bringing the red blood cells are diluted in it)

The fetus consumes part of folic acid and iron from the mother.

Signs and symptoms.

Some, such as nausea, difficult to distinguish from the effects of pregnancy, are:

Fatigue and weakness.


Shortness of breath at times.




Risk Factors.

Poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals.

Snuff, which reduces the absorption of important nutrients.

Excess alcohol consumption that leads to malnutrition.

Take anticonvulsant medications.


Eat iron - rich foods such as liver, veal, lentils, cereal, eggs and nuts.

Eating foods rich in folic acid, such as beans, flour, peanut butter, mushrooms, broccoli or asparagus.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C, like citrus fruits and vegetables, vitamin C makes the iron absorption is more efficient.

Taking vitamin and mineral supplements, especially folic acid (as this is necessary for the mother) to form red blood cells needed, and to the fetus, as their absence is associated with deficits in the development of their nervous system.

Given the ease of avoiding it through the supplements mentioned, these are usually recommended in all protocols for handling pregnant women.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

The diagnosis is made through a blood analysis, either routinely or because the appearance of the symptoms described urges the doctor to dismiss it.



Iron and vitamin supplements.


Sleep if anemia is severe.


Food rich in iron and folic acid (see prevention)


Deformities in the nervous system of the fetus.

Premature birth.

Excessive loss of blood during childbirth.

Low birth weight of the fetus.

Enhanced infection in the newborn.


Curable with treatment food or medication, either orally or by intramuscular injection.

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