Information about mineral

The iron is a responsible mineral to help the hemoglobina creation. Reason why a deficiency causes anemia, low fatigue and the defenses. Around two third parts of the iron in the body it is used for the hemoglobina production, and the rest is in enzymes, muscle and other weaves.


The iron combined with oxygen generates the hemoglobina. This transports oxygen from our lungs to each one of the cells of our body.

Daily dose.

Suckling baby:

6 Months: 10 mg.

1 Year: 15 mg.


1 to 6 Years: 15 mg.

6 to 10 Years: 10 mg.

Men: 10 mg.

Women: 10 mg.


Anemia, fatigue, depression, palpitaciones and losses resistance to the infections.


High indices of this element can increase the risk of diseases of the heart.


Liver, thin meat, egg sardines, yolk, dry vegetables of green leaf, dates, higos and enriched cereals.

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