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Which is associated with a series of respiratory problems that are characterized by the obstruction of the aerial routes, alters to the ventilation and normal oxigenación during the dream.

Percentage has great of children and children that suffers this syndrome, being more frequent between 5 and 10 years, that is the age in which they appear greater number of cases of respiratory infections and greater growth in the tonsils and adenoides, which represents the main factor of risk to develop it.

The problem to suffer apnea of the dream during the childhood is that it can cause neurological complications, like mental retardation, under learning, problems of conduct and syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity among others. In addition the lack to oxigenación and suitable rest can cause problems of growth, pulmonary and in severe cases, problems cardiac and until the death.

The symptoms of the apnea of the dream in the children and children include:


Pauses in the breathing that is apneas.

nocturnal Perspiration.

Breathlessnesses and disquiet when sleeping.


Deficit of attention and hyperactivity.

Problems of learning.

Since there are many situations that interfere in the dream, first it is necessary to discard the presence of some diseases like asthma, rinitis, eccema, otitis average serosa and gastroesofágico ebb tide and until habits of dream among others.

Between the risk factors to develop this disease they are:

on weight and the obesity.

congenital craneofaciales Alterations.

Problems neuromusculares.

Inflammation or hipertrofia of the anginas and adenoides.

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