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The obesity is a serious disease problem of public health that is increased day with day and is direct cause or is like a factor of important risk of many serious diseases and until mortals.

It represents the second anticipateible mortal disease after the tabaquismo and occupies in Mexico ér. place between the mortal diseases.

It affects in greater number the women, due to hormonal factors and the pregnancy and genetic predisposition among other factors. A severe problem is that much in the infantile population is being increased whose nutritional habits and life styles are being defined on bases that can be very dangerous for their health and integral development.

Its name comes from "obedere" that means to devour and it is defined as an excess of weight of the fatty weave, of 20% or more, of course considering the constitution, race, sex and age of each person physical and considering the amount of fat that has each person, which does not mean that all the people who weigh a little more the settled down thing they are necessarily obese, since what matters is not as much the weight, but the amount of accumulated fat.

In order to determine that a person is obese, it must consider its stature and age.

This disease contributes to the physical deterioration and is a very short route for the diseases cardiac, problems of joints and bones, high arterial pressure, psychological diabetes, osteoporosis, sedentarismo, problems like the depression, distress and take to the postration by not being able to make wished activities.

Also it is a problem related to the cancer of breast and the cancer of colon.

Resorting to multiple attempts to lower of weight by means of diets, is not always the suitable solution more and yes it represents an additional danger. The diets have is oriented of individual form and to be balanced.

One of the most severe manifestations is the increase of abdominal fat. If fláccido fat person sees itself and it is probable that he has overweight, if is muscular and of robust bones it can that their weight is superior, but not necessarily exists an obesity problem because the bones and muscles weigh more than the fat.

The obesity not only has to do with "seeing gordo / a", with using great statures of extra clothes or with having llantitas around the waist, the problem is more serious, and is that the people with on weight increase the possibility of suffering diseases that are very serious and until mortals, including the diabetes and the cardioapatías.

The excess of fat also is related to the cancer of breast, uterus, ovaries, colon, prostate and biliary vesicle among others and contributes to the development of arthritis, chronic pain renales back and feet, drop and problems and to suffer many respiratory upheavals. In the women in addition complications like menstrual irregularities and until problems of fertility can be presented / displayed.

But not only that, the obesity also causes in many people emotional and social problems when doing to feel badly them, outside fashion, uncomfortable and uncertain, which happens more in the adolescence. Mobility and the comfort are affected when walking, seating, to crouch themselves and until sleeping reason why the quality of life in general it is affected of lamentable form.

The attention of this disease must be integral, a endocrinólogo, a nutriólogo and a psychologist.

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