Respiratory syncytial

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Respiratory syncytial
A respiratory disease frequents that it appears mainly during the autumn and the winter is caused by the sincicial respiratory virus, that are highly contagious not only through respiratory secretions of the patients, but also through the hands and objects that are been in contact with the patient.

One does not know well because the disease appears annually with greater incidence, during the winter if evidences exist of which the virus is present in the atmosphere throughout the year. Nevertheless one thinks that with the cold, in addition of which they lower the defenses of the organism, always a greater agglomeration of people in closed places occurs, remain by greater time in them and the lack of ventilation favors the conditions so that it is made I infect of person to person.

This disease can affect in any age, but mainly and with greater gravity it appears in smaller children of 2 years and with greater incidence in children than in children and it has identified like a cause of insterticial neumonitis and neumonía in greater people or of third age.

This disease always begins like a gripal picture, with cold, cough and fever, but to both days, it presents / displays respiratory difficulty that sometimes can make difficult until the feeding.

The respiratory problem is not equal in all the children or people and can appear from slight cases that they do not represent greater problems and they are cured by single himself, to serious cases that they can finish in one neumonía, obstructivas bronquiolitis or crises, that get more or less to affect a third of the patients, whom they require of hospitalization by several days. Around the 2, 5% of the infected ones it must be hospitalized and 0, 1% pass away by respiratory complications.

The virus is so common, that it has been demonstrated that near half of the children has had an infection by VRS during its first year of life and all have almost undergone an infection by their cause when fulfilling 2 years, being much very serious in premature suckling babies, or with congenital cardiopathies, displasia to broncopulmonar, disease to neuromuscular or deficiencies of the immunological system, by cancer, AIDS or transplants.

2 groups of VRS or sincicial respiratory virus have detected themselves: A and B and within them exist several sub - groups. Both virus groups can circulate simultaneously during the winter epidemics and have been detected in all the regions of the world.

In climates temperings like the one of Mexico, the infection by VRS appears every winter and during this time it is observed an increase in the cases of obstructivo bronchial syndrome (SBO) and neumonía in children, in addition of which it increases the number of hospitalizations of suckling babies with respiratory infections.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge of its use.

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