Congenital problems OF FEET

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Congenital problems OF FEET
Although on the feet few do case to them, in questions fashionable always they are to the vanguard and in a good wardrobe they cannot lack of all the colors, materials and styles, worrying much more being to tone, that the future problems that the fashion can cause.

The feet, have been considered like symbol of eroticism and in cultures like China, giving small pasitos so sensual era, that to the children they moored the fingers to them towards the plant of the foot to cause that their feet were very small, without considering the consequences in the long term.

The system of support and functionality of the feet is controlled by means of receivers of the pressure in the skin and the balance stays by means of unions of refeeding with the spinal marrow.

The operation of the feet is governed by two essential bones that are in retropié, the Calcaneus by outside and the Astrágalo on the inside and in a normal foot these bones form an angle of 40º, that if it does not occur, causes alterations that propagate to the rest of the foot.

The upheavals in the feet appear when its structure appears altered from the birth or when it is modified during the life, due to the use of unsuitable shoes, traumatismos or artistic or sport activities that originate pressure in areas that of normal form were not designed for it.

Between the congenital problems that affect the feet they are:

the foot I beach, that presents / displays the heel towards inside.

the foot I am worth, in which the heel goes towards outside.

the foot adducto, when antepié is turned aside towards inside.

the foot abducto, when it is turned aside towards outside.

the supinado foot, when the plant of the foot "watches" towards inside.

the foot I proswim, when the plant of the foot "watches" towards outside.

the foot thallus that has the characteristic to present / display a flexion of the ankle that forces to only support with the heel.

the equino foot, that allows to only support antepié.

the foot zambo, that combines several of the previous problems: equino - I beach - adducto and supinado, that causes the one that the foot does not rest on its normal supports.

the flat foot, that does not present / display the normal curvature in the arcs of the foot, which causes pressure and acute pain in the inner diameter of the plant of the foot and a form to walk call "duck passage". In all these cases, an opportune revision (from the childhood) with a good ortopedista, the use of ortopédicas groups elaborated specially for each case and each foot, solves the problem of the pain, they correct the form to walk and they avoid greater deformations and complications in other parts of support of the body as they are the knees and the hip.

The opportune and suitable attention during the childhood avoids problems in the growth and the social development, when allowing that the children make sport and recreational activities of normal form.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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