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The fingers of hammer also known as fingers in claw or fingers in mallet, are a deformity in which one or more toes are flexionan and bent acquiring the appearance of a claw.

This problem almost always affects the second finger, although also they can be seen affected others, with which smallest they bend and they tighten to each other causing serious problems when walking and continuous and very annoying colors.

Due to curvature of finger, is common that it appears an eye of fish in the prominent part of the flexion, that causes intense pain when pressing the nerve, which happens to the use of any shoe.

This problem can begin from the childhood and can be caused by some hereditary abnormality in the alignment of the bones of metatarso and the excessive extension of the joint.

Nevertheless, also it can appear in the adult age and is caused almost always because the footwear does not fit of correct way. This problem is more frequent in people than they use high heels, since the weight is distributed of irregular form between the fingers.

The hammer finger also can appear as a result of the muscular and nervous deterioration that happens for example in neurological cases of diabetes, accidents cerebrovasculares, upheavals like ataxia of Friedreich, by the shortening of the heel of Aquilles or by a weakness of previous the tibial muscle, whose sinews cross the back of the foot. In many cases, this problem is associated with calluses, eyes of fish, arthritis and obesity.

This problem that is recognized easily, can mainly be dealt using the correct shoe and with medicines injected like lidocaína or cortisone in some cases. The use of special groups of designed plastic or metal for each person alleviates to the pressure of the fingers as well as the patches or cushions of foam of látex, fustán or skin of lamb.

Sometimes a surgery is necessary, that it is made in the medical doctor's office and with local anesthesia. This procedure is carried out to cut the sinews and to release to the soft weave when relaxing the finger. When the sinews heal the ends return to be united and they are extended, which allows that they make his function to stretch and to contract the finger of normal form. In very extreme cases a fragment of bone of metatarso can only be extirpated, but in any case, it is important that this surgery makes a doctor who has experience in this type of cases.

In order to prevent the fingers with hammer, he is recommendable:

To use shoes that fit well and to consider that the feet grow with the age, reason why is necessary to change them as soon as it feels that they tighten a little.

To buy shoes during afternoon, when the feet are a little swollen by the work during the morning.

To avoid the use of high and pointed heels every day.

To walk barefoot the greater possible time.

To use shoes with strap in case of suffering fingers of hammer, not to press more of the due thing.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by its use.

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