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Most of the nervous cells that they control the muscles are located in the spinal marrow, when there is a degeneration or diminution of his activity, by some injury or disease, the muscles are atrophied and let work suitably.

There are different types from damage in a muscular spinal atrophy, depending on the amount of motor cells that are lost in each case.

In most of the cases, this atrophy is a genetic disease and it must to mutations that affect the produced amount of a protein, well - known like SMN, abbreviations in English of survival of motor neurons.

The muscular spinal atrophy, usually divides in categories or types, depending on the severity and the age of beginning of the disease.

Also there are forms that are not derived from mutations of chromosome 5, like is the spinal muscular atrophy to bulbar or Disease of Kennedy, who derives itself from a genetic defect in chromosome X.

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