Macular Degeneration

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Macular Degeneration
The degeneration to spot (DME) is a chronic disease related to the age, that appears generally after the 50 years and it must to the deterioration of the spot, that is located in the central zone of the retina and is the person in charge of the central vision that facilitates the acute vision and the best distinction of the colors.

Also some cases of degeneration exist of spotting youthful, that thinks have a hereditary origin.

This degenerative process of the cells does not affect the vision in general, is to say the peripheral one and it does not have relation with the blindness, but as it inflicts the casualty of capacity to see small objects, to read without difficulty and until threading a needle, it affects much the quality of life of many people.

Between the factors of risk of the degeneration of spotting they are:

the genetic inheritance or problems.

the age.

the white race.

Certain diseases like the diabetes, the arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular alterations or of the immunological system.

the tabaquismo.

early Menopause.

Eyes clear color.

the solar lack of protection against the ultraviolet radiations or the contact with certain toxins or drugs.

the deficient nutrition, mainly by the lack of minerals and vitamins, in special the antirust identified ones as as they are A, C and E.

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