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The medical advances and the changes in the life style, have modified the panorama epidemiologist of the industrialized countries and although the life expectancy has increased remarkably and mortality by infectious diseases has diminished remarkably, other diseases have been increased remarkably and although in almost all of them they exist average for his control and treatment, personal, familiar, economic, social and emotional the cost that they cause is enormous.

Aside from the traffic accidents, the first causes of death constitute the cardiovascular diseases now and the cancer in all their modalities and them definitively influences the nutritional habits, the sedentarismo and the lack of physical exercise, the addiction to the tobacco, the exhibition to environmental polluting agents, stress and other factors, all related to the style of present life originated by the changes of articles of incorporation and cultural that they have changed radically.

In Mexico, the cardiovascular diseases occupy the second place like mortality cause after the diabetes and in several industrialized countries, it has gotten to occupy the first cause of death reason why the investigations and their results expressed in novel treatments, have increased.

One of the most important successes is the identification of risk factors and the form to prevent them. The investigations epidemiologists on the causes of the ECV began at the beginning of last century and between the identified factors they are.

the influence of the feeding on the development of arteriosclerosis.

the action of the greasy animals on the cholesterol levels in blood or hipercolesteronemia.

the arterial hypertension.

the obesity and the diabetes like diseases that favor the cardiovascular problems.

The Métabólico Syndrome.

the sedentarismo and the lack of physical exercise.

the impact of the tabaquismo, the alcoholism and the use of other drugs or medicines.

the stress levels.

The main problem of the cardiovascular diseases is the accumulation of organic, mainly greasy matter and cholesterol, inside the blood vessels. This process takes place in greater or smaller measurement in all the arteries of the organism, but when more worrisome it becomes east process is when the affected arteries are the ones in charge to contribute blood to the heart or to the brain.

The problem is that the cardiovascular diseases do not only affect greater people, also reveal many data of children and young people with serious problems in the formation of ateromas, the thickening of the arteries, the formation of trombos or clots and other problems that derive in infarcts, insufficiency cardiac, trombosis, ateroesclerosis or muscular espasmos of the heart.

Other problems are derived from defects or congenital or acquired problems in the valves of the heart, by the excessive growth of the heart and other severe problems.

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