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It is caused by the hardening of the arteries that it causes that their walls become more thicknesses and lose elasticity and although its origin is not known, thinks that it is developed when endotelio is deteriorated, that is the deepest layer of the arteries.

This deterioration is natural generally consequence of the aging, but many scientists think that the process is triggered by the presence of some virus or like an immune response that produces inflammation.

The deterioration of the arteries and the cholesterol presence in the blood cause that this substance, together of rest of calcium and other substances, are accumulated in the internal surface of the arteries and form a plate that conforms is increasing causes the blockade and reduction of the sanguineous torrent.

The cholesterol, is a greasy substance that takes place in the liver and it is also acquired of some foods and although of normal form it circulates in the blood and it is a natural and fundamental component of cellular membranes and diverse hormones, when it exists in excess in the blood represents a very great danger for the health.

The formation of plates can affect any artery of the organism causing diverse circulatory problems, but he is more frequent and dangerous the one that obstructs the coronary arteries and the artery carotid, ordered to transport blood to the brain, since its obstruction can give by result an attack to the heart or a cerebral spill.

Between the symptoms or signals of arteriosclerosis they are: pain or respiratory angina of chest, problems, arterial hypertension, reduction of the mental activity and renal insufficiency.

Between the risk factors to develop it they are:

the diabetes, that increases the risk of hardening premature of the coronary arteries.

the overweight and the obesity.

the feeding that includes foods with high cholesterol content.

the tabaquismo.

the exaggerated consumption of spirits.

the sedentarismo and the lack of regular exercise that do not favor the sanguineous circulation.

the familiar antecedents with problems cardiac.

also suffering ateroesclerosis.

Other causes of arteriosclerosis are hipercolesterolemia familiar, genetic disease that is characterized by cholesterol levels extremely elevated. Who suffer it they often undergo attacks to the heart in youth and sometimes also during his childhood.

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