Information about mineral

The calcium is a very lifting mineral for the bony structure of the body. One is in the bones, shells and other materials.


The calcium constitutes 2% of the corporal weight, distributed mainly between the hard bones, weaves and teeth, reason why he is vital for the formation and the good health of these. Also it participates in the coagulation of the blood and the muscular functions, and is vital for the nervous transmission.

Daily dose.

Suckling baby:

6 Months: 360 mg.

1 Year: 540 mg.


1 to 6 Years: 800 mg.

6 to 10 Years: 800 mg.

Men: 1200 mg.

Women: 1200 mg.


Softening and bony weakness, fractures, osteoporosis and muscular weakness.


To take much calcium can inhibit the absorption of iron, zinc and other minerals. The recommended maximum is of 2, 500mg.


Milky milk and products, tinned sardines (scrapers including) vegetables of green leaf, sesame watercresses, seeds and parsley.

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