sesamum indicum l.

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sesamum indicum l.
Other Names:

Sesame, Joy, Haholí, Jijirí.

It is an oleaginous plant cultivated since ancient times. In Mesopotamia, in India, Egypt, China and Greece, their seeds are highly prized as a condiment and as exquisite food and energy. In the tomb of Ramses III (thirteenth century BC) can be seen in a cool as the Egyptians and added to the mass of sesame bread. Today remains popular for use in oriental and American countries, where even he is prepared with a beverage similar to horchata, which took the women to encourage lactation when nursing.

Habitat: Widely cultivated in the Middle East and India, from where it originates. Currently, its cultivation has spread to other regions of tropical and subtropical America, Africa and Mediterranean countries.

Description: herbaceous plant of the family of Pedaliáceas, which reaches up to 1. 5 meters in height. Their flowers are white, pink or purple. Its fruits are some capsules containing several cotton seeds flattened from 2 to 5 mm in length, which are usually brown, although there are also white, red and black, depending on the variety.

Used parts: seed.

Properties and indications: sesame seeds contain a wide variety of nutritious principles of high biological value:

Lipids, or fats (52%) virtually all of them consisting of unsaturated fatty acids, which gives them a very effective in reducing the level of cholesterol in blood. Among the fats of sesame is lecithin, a phospholipid (fat phosphorus) that plays an important role in our body. It is an essential component of nerve tissue, and is also found in the blood, semen and in the bile, and is involved in sexual function gland. Lecithin is a powerful emulsifier, which facilitates the dissolution of fat in aqueous medium. One of its functions in the blood, is to keep dissolved lipids in general, and especially cholesterol, thus preventing their deposition in artery walls (atherosclerosis) The sesame is, along with soya, vegetable richer in lecithin.

Protein (20%) of high biological value, consisting of 15 different amino acids with a high proportion of methionine (essential amino acid)

Vitamins, especially E (tocopherol) the B1, or thiamine (0. 1 mg per 100 g) and B2, or riboflavin (0. 24 mg per 100 g)

And various trace minerals, especially calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, copper and chromium.

Mucilages to which it owes its mild laxative action.

Given the composition of this small seed, not strange that in the eastern countries are regarded as a restorer of the vitality and the ability of sex. Among its many applications, we note the following:

Nervous disorders: mental or nervous exhaustion, stress, loss of memory, melancholy, depression, irritability or nervous imbalance; insomnia. It is an excellent nutritional supplement for those who are under great mental or intellectual activity, and want to maintain a good performance.

Physical: sports training, pregnancy, lactation, convalescence after surgery or illness.

Lack of sexual performance or capacity, both in men as in women.

Decreased blood cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, prevention of heart attack and arterial thrombosis.

Use: sesame seeds can be taken raw or lightly toasted. To do this, first get a soaking in water, and after leaving to stand for about 15 minutes, pass through a sieve, trying not to pour the fallout. This will remove the stones and earth that could contain. The following is toasted in a skillet, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon to prevent it from burning. It was kept in a glass bottle. They take 2 or 3 teaspoons of coffee after breakfast and after lunch (noon meal)

There are three more traditional forms of the preparation Sesame with which also exploit its properties:

Sesame oil: it can be used like any other vegetable oil. It is very stable to rancidity.

Tahini: very tasty pulp that is produced by grinding the seeds. Replaces preferable to butter and margarine.

Gomasio: pasta made up of about 15 parts of crushed sesame and sea salt. It is also an excellent condiment.

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