Information about mineral

The magnesium is a mineral that comprises of the structure of the bones. Its level in the blood is regulated by the kidneys.


The magnesium has an essential paper in the contraction and the muscular relaxation, improving the cardiovascular health. It activates great variety of enzymes and it participates in the molecular stabilization. It maintains the bones, joints, cartilages and teeth in good state.

Daily dose.

Suckling baby:

6 Months: 50 mg.

1 Year: 70 mg.


1 to 6 Years: 150 mg.

6 to 10 Years: 250 mg.

Men: 350 mg.

Women: 300 mg.


Muscular and nervous irritability, weakness, hypertension and convulsions. The magnesium deficiencies usually go associate to other nutricionales deficiencies, derived in many cases from rich diets in congealed foods and process.


In high doses it can be toxic.


Germ of wheat, brown sugar, almonds, nuts, dry seeds of soybean and sÚsamo, higos and vegetables of green leaf.

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