Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile Dysfunction
Also call sexual impotence, is a problem that affects to million men in the world and it is defined as the incapacity of the man to obtain and to maintain an erection that allows him to have a satisfactory sex, is to say to throughout maintain the penis within the vagina the necessary time.

The sexual impotence can be.

Primary: when it is suffered during all the life.

Secondary: when without apparent reason, it appears after to have taken a normal sexual activity.

Total: when the man does not present / display any type of erection.

Partial: when the impotence is intermittent or selective, it is to say that it does not happen to all the pairs.

The causes of the impotence are diverse and can have their origin in some organic or psychological problem.

Most of the cases of impotence they are of physical or organic origin and can mainly be originated by problems vasculares that prevent the suitable provision of blood in the penis. Also by some anatomical problem or of the genitourinario system, endocrino, neurological, by infections, diseases of sexual transmission and others, by injuries or indirect effect caused by some medicines or drugs.

The rest of the problems is of psychological origin and between its causes they are: sexual abuses during the childhood, fear to the ridiculous situation, previous frustrating experiences not surpassed of precocious eyaculación or impotence, pressures of all type, stress, fear, insecurity, depressions and other problems.

The disfunción can affects any age, it calculates that near 5% of the men they become impotent around the 40 years of age and from 15% to 25% they are it before the 65 years of age.

Between the most severe complications they are emotional, since the many men instead of speaking with its pairs and going to the doctor in search of a solution, by pain take refuge in its problem, which increases a suffering useless since most of the cases of impotence they can be treated success yet.

IMPORTANT. The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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