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In any problem of present health or any situation that causes fear to us, insecurity, distresses, or anxiety, leaves to shine the word stress and although all we spoke of this ghost that affects all type of people, we do not know well what is.

Stress is not a disease, it is defined as a normal answer of the organism before any situation that alters the emotional balance of a person and it appears in any stage of the life, from the childhood.

The reactions by stress allow to avoid the danger, but when this it persists, it is not controlled suitably or it becomes partly of our style of life, is very detrimental for the physical, mental and social health since it causes mainly much fatigue and the incapacity to act suitably.

During this reaction, one activates the liberation of cerebral neurotransmitters, hormones like the adrenalin and other corporal elements that initiate a chain reaction causing the increase of the alert levels, the sweating, the increase of the arterial pressure and the blood it is turned aside of the internal to the muscles at the same time that the insulin level increases to allow that the body metabolice more energy.

When stress increases, all the organs and functions of the body take part almost, including among other organs the brain, the nervous system, the heart, the sanguineous flow, the hormonal levels, the digestive process, the excretor system, the muscular function, the páncreas and the liver.

Between the damages that stress can cause and / or to complicate they are the cardiovascular diseases, reumatoide arthritis, migrañas and extreme pains head and muscles of the neck and back mainly, nervous baldness, asthma, tics, sexual impotence, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, colitis and gastritis, diabetes, loss or increase of the appetite, diminution or increase of weight.

But also stress causes emotional problems that repel in the familiar relations, labor, scholastic since it does not let think to us clearly, is a strong emotional imbalance that anger causes, blocks the ideas and the productivity, produces fear and it is possible to be declared until in violent conducts, in many occasions.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.


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