Cerebral Palsy

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Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral paralysis.

A deficit in the cerebral operation, that causes a paralysis.

The paralysis affects to the movement or position.

It happens by damages caused to the brain, before, during or after the childbirth.

He is neither progressive nor transmissible.


Produced by the opportunistic diseases and the injuries that suffer.



The final deficit is difficult to value until the puberty.

They can get to take an almost normal life.

Diagnosis and treatment.

The diagnosis nothing else takes place to be born or to the few days, although there are described cases in which later the problems do not appear until days or weeks.

There is no treatment because it is not a disease like so.

The therapy, the education and the new technologies of learning and posturales, allow that in many cases the affection of cerebral paralysis take an almost normal life.

Factors of risk.

Opportunistic diseases.

Infections and inflammations.

Renales problems.

Accidents or injuries derived from its sintomatología.


Taken care of pre and postbirthdays.

To avoid maternal causes.

Attention during the childbirth and postchildbirth.

Incubadora to guarantee sufficient oxygen contribution in the stormy childbirths.

Signs and symptoms.

There are three types of cerebral paralysis:

The espástica, of rigid and difficult movements.

The uncontrolled and involuntary atetoide, movements.

The atáxica, unbalance and perception of the position.

Combinations between the three types can occur.


Diseases during the pregnancy.

Premature childbirth.

Lack of oxygen or blood to the baby.

Result of an accident.

By envenenamiento by lead (saturnismo)

Insufficiency of contribution of oxygen when separating the placenta.

Uncomfortable position during the childbirth.

Long or very short childbirth.

Mutual incompatibility by Rh factor.

Rubeola or other diseases during the pregnancy.

Cerebral lack of prenatal cares or injuries postchildbirth.

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