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For many families, having a gordito son and with many llantitas is a signal that he is strong and healthful, nevertheless, the specialists in infantile nutrition do not think equal since the infantile obesity is an increasing and very alarming problem given the complications that this disease entails.

On weight and the infantile obesity, unlike being health signs, causes diverse problems in the integral, physical, mental health and social of the children and children who suffer it and if she is not controlled on time, they are many the problems that in the short and long term can be generated.

problem although in some cases can be caused by endocrinológicos problems, the majority is caused by the bad nutritional habits that mainly do not allow to balance foods of the three groups and they are concentrated in which they contain carbohydrates and sugars in excess.

In fact, an exact amount of food does not exist that must consume all the children, since each one has different necessities and until tastes, which yes is important is to avoid the excess and to force them to eat of more, when they already satiated his appetite.

According to the specialists, the obesity and on weight has much to do with the style of familiar life and between the main factors they are:

the genetics, since this problem can be hereditary when some or both parents are obese.

suffering some emotional or psychological problem, can also trigger obesity.

the selection and form of food preparation. This includes an excess of greasy foods or with great content in carbohydrates and sugars or with many condimentos and the lack of foods with fiber like fruits and vegetables.

the sedentarismo, is to say the lack of daily physical exercise.

the excessive food consumption scrap iron with excess of fat, condimentos and of lowest nutritious value, that has become a "option unfortunately", for the mothers and parents who work and have many occupations during the day.

the abuse in the consumption of breads, cakes, pastes, candies and refreshments, which stops many parents does not have importance because what wishes it is to satiate the hunger of his children, without worrying if they are or not consuming all the nutrimentos that need to grow healthy and strong.

the obsession by the amount of foods that must consume the children.

A fundamental aspect for the development of the infantile obesity is the sedentarismo since aside from consuming to all hour foods scrap iron with high content in fats and sugars, the activities of many children have been reduced to watch, to play in the computer or the videojuegos that of course go accompanied by candies, papitas and refreshments.

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